More Testimonials

Thanks it will be a year in March but I’m just going to stay on vivitrol for another year after that I know that I’m not ready to stop taking it. Thanks again for giving me my life back, you guys are amazing.

Kristi S., Ohio

Dr. George,

This is William,
I just wanted to thank you again. I haven’t felt this good in years. So thank you and have a great holiday.

William M., Michigan

Hi Dr. George!! So, it’s already been a year! One year today since my treatment. I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am everyday to be sober, healthy and happy. I wanted to just send you a quick note to tell you thank you for helping me get my life back! You, are so great to me and my mom and we’ll be forever grateful.

I’m doing great, I still have the same job at Dell and recently got a promotion. My husband and I have been traveling and are planning for starting a family. The future looks great!

I tell as many people as I can about this treatment that “cured” me and saved my life. I pray more and more people find you guys!!

Lots of hugs!!

Lori, Texas

Still sober off opiates, thank u once again for ur loyalty and support. I never met a Dr that’s so loyal to his patients. I will try and visit u this summer. u saved my life.

Zachary R., Michigan

Thank you dr George. You truly are a wonderful man and dr. And I’m serious. Please be my primary!!!! I would make the drive.  I have a big ole truck I love to drive anyhow lol.

Nicole H.

Thank you for everything Dr George. You truly have such a huge place in my heart. You have saved my life and given my beautiful boys their mother back. ❤

Kim, Pennsylvania

Thank you so much Dr. George your the best doctor I’ve ever met!  Also, I am feeling much better after taking my medications you prescribed. I waited too long to take it. I am back to work feeling much better.

Jay from LA, California

Hey doc thank you for doing this for me u guys took good care of me thanks a lot.

Sal, Colorado

That’s wonderful to read. I’m so ready to see you Doc and I’m so so so glad God pulled you into my dreams, my comfort and chemistry with you was top notch at our first communication.

Rob from LA, California

Thank you, things are great for me my whole family including my mom and brother moved to hawaii and we are all doing great. Thank you if it wasn’t for you I probably wouldn’t be alive much less living on maui. God bless!!

Kelli, Hawaii

And it’s been over 9 weeks and not a single craving and have no thought of using any of that crap again! So thanks again so much!

Matt from Chicago, Illinois

“…Now we have this bond that is unbelievable! I am so blessed to be able to be a part of my kids’ life.

I never saw myself, getting my kids back, contemplating buying a house, buying a new car. Doing stuff like that…
…even exploring the options was not even a part of my reality.

Now it’s all these things that I can do – I feel like the possibilities are endless.”

Karen Rock – Chicago

A Grateful Mother’s Testimonial

At Christmas 2017, our daughter Lindsey, 33, was staring down a dark, hopeless, deadly hole of continuing addiction. She had tried to stop the madness of addiction so many times, and in so many ways – always with short-lived results that dashed all of our hopes again and again for the last 18 years.
She had just detoxed from alcohol, and because she had been on 130 mgs of methadone for a year and a half, she was denied admission to inpatient rehab programs. She was desperate to get off of the methadone. We knew that tapering off would take months, and besides, was rarely successful because of the terrible ongoing withdrawal side effects. A friend had told us about Rapid Opiate Detox, and Lindsey found the Michigan Addiction Center and Dr. George on an internet search. We live in the Chicagoland area, so it would be a 5 hour drive for us; and it was a costly financial investment. But after reading about the procedure and talking to Dr. George and his staff, we knew we had to do this for our daughter. It was really a last-ditch hope for us all.

The procedure was performed on January 30, and it was a gritty, uncomfortable 24 hours. This is not for the faint of heart, and it’s not for the vacillating or ambivalent. Lindsey was doggedly determined to be whole and healed – and was willing to undergo a short period of discomfort for a lifetime of freedom from the chains of addiction. Dr. George’s kind and attentive staff provided reassurance and non-addictive medications to ease the symptoms that lasted for the next few days or so. Dr. George was personally available by phone whenever Lindsey or I needed to talk to him; and he made several follow-up calls to check on her progress.
Lindsey had the naltrexone pellet implanted during the procedure, and that has been a miraculous part of the whole procedure. For 2 months she has had virtually no cravings for drugs, alcohol, or sweets. She has lost 30 pounds and is amazed at how healthy and wonderful she feels! Her father and I can’t believe how clear-headed, responsible and active she is. We are so grateful for how far she has come in such a short amount of time – and how she has the energy and the initiative for all of the good things she is building into her new life. She will continue on the Naltrexone for the remainder of the year.

Two weeks after the procedure, she served her 5 days of court-ordered SWAP – shoveling snow for 8 hours a day! One month after the procedure, she got a server job at a restaurant and is working 6 days per week making wonderful money that she is proudly putting in the bank – not up her nose. She attends 2 recovery meetings a week, and is undergoing one-on-one counseling. She did not need to go to inpatient rehab because the Naltrexone implant let her trust herself enough to get a jump start on her new life.

We truly believe that the Rapid Opiate Detox, the Naltrexone implant, and Dr. George saved Lindsey’s life. The daughter that we knew and deeply loved, but who was buried deep under the addictions, has come forth, and she is beautiful, determined, and hopeful. If you are reading this and trying to save your own life, or your child’s life, I pray that you will take this amazing opportunity and will have the same wonderful results that our daughter has had. We praise God and thank Dr. George!

Lindsey Bennet – Chicago

My name is Lindsey Bennett and I will be forever grateful to Dr. George and his staff! I was in a truly hopeless state when I contacted his office. I had been usingdrugs and alcohol off and on for close to 15 years. I started on a methadone maintenance program and after about a year I thought I would be doomed to be on it for the rest of my life. I had no idea a brand new beautiful life was right around the corner.

Dr. George immediately returned my call and very clearly explained what the rapid opiate detox consisted of and what I could expect. I was very nervous and scared but he assured me I would be in good hands.
When I arrived at his office I was treated with kindness, respect, and love. Everything was explained in great detail and I was quickly at ease.

My procedure was done on January 30th of 2018.  Since that day my life has changed in such unimaginable ways.
I had lost custody of my two beautiful daughters near the end of December, but as of about a month ago, they have been returned to me. I have an amazing full-time job which I love, I bought a new car, I have a brand new outlook on life which is more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. For the first time in 15 years I feel like my true self.  Dr. George and his staff gave me the new start that I so desperately needed and wanted for so long. I now attend 12 step meetings, work the steps, and have an amazing support system to help me continue this journey that will last a lifetime. I thank God daily for meeting Dr. George and pray for him and his staff that they may  continue to help save lives just as they did mine.

I did choose to receive the naltrexone implant and would very highly recommend that to all patients considering this procedure. After a month of that Dr. George prescribed to me, and still does prescribe the naltrexone pill which I take on a daily basis. This is truly an amazing drug. I have zero cravings  for opiates, alcohol, and even sugar/junk food 🙂  I have lost 35 lbs and have never felt more healthy, active, and happy.

Thank you Dr. George for giving me my life back.